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Skin diseases

Well, there is no doubt that everything is on the way towards transformation. Transformation and advancement is no doubt good as it gives you so many benefits especially in the sense of medical. Like, there was a time, when just for the sake to get an appointment for a doctor, people had to struggle a lot. Or like there was a time, when, due to limited sources doctors and patient both weren’t ready to fight the other diseases. But later on, as the things getting innovative and enhanced same like this the invention of advanced machines helping the doctors and even playing a vital and beneficial role and healing the patients in a reliable and easy way.

Now in this era, doctors are highly educated and capable enough to diagnose and treat any sudden environmental or new disease. Apart from this, if I talk about the diseases so there are no doubt a list of long diseases but among them one of the most common and casually happening one is the skin disease. Like we know that our skin is one of the main and focal things that represent us. But what if due to some reason or disease it’s getting dull, harsh, and in a bad situation? Indeed no one even wants to look ugly or bear to see the changes in his or her skin due to some severe infection or disease. So today’s in this article, I am going to jot down and elaborately discuss the skin diseases issues that why, were, when, and how this happens and how can you get this disease control or prevent yourself.

So let’s get the ball and explore the skin diseases.

Well, when it comes about the skin disease, so one thing is clear that our skins are the most largest and important organ of our bodies. When it comes about the diseases so like other diseases skin diseases also has come up with many different ways, I try to address all the ways as well as the symptoms through which you can get an early stage treatment and keep your skin protected from any severe or harm.

Skin Diseases

1. Acne

You have heard this name commonly. Infect according to the research; it has been noticed that the majority of the people facing this acne issue. Most of the times, acne starts to appear on the skin, because of having oily skin. Eighty percent of the people are facing this acne hurdle. To cover up or like to control this acne problem there are many face wash, and dermatologists products are available in markets and stores. But what I recommend you all are that if you really want to protect your skin from acne scars then at initial level medical treatment is an ideal way. Infect before going to use any face wash or cream get a consult or appointment with your dermatologist will help you and prevent your skin from acne scars. Generally, those who use a lot of cosmetic or even don’t wash their faces before going to sleep or like don’t remove their makeup after an event allowing the acne on their skin. Same like this, using different products without knowing your skin nature also become the reason of acne.

2. Eczema

The next skin disease is also known as the name of Eczema. This is a long-term based skin disease. In medical term, eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. One of the most common symptoms through which you can realize or identify this disease are having or feeling a dry skin, itchy skin, rashes on face, or like rashes behind your knees, inside your elbows, and even on your hands or sometimes on feet. As far as the things and especially the machines are advanced, but still, doctors are unable to diagnose this disease at the initial level. So the advice which doctors give to all patients is that whenever you feel or face any above-mentioned symptoms then feel free to consult your doctor directly. Most of the times, before prescribing you any medicines doctors ask the general question like about your family and especially your parent’s diseases and all. Because 50 percent those who are facing the Eczema is because of their family gender skin disease issue.

3. Hives

Hives are also one of the most common skin diseases. Like it is not a rare skin disease you can find it out easily in your surrounding or circle zone. Hives can happen due to an allergic reaction of any food or like drinks. Another way through which people face the hives is because of their stress or infections. The major identification of getting that you have hives is that when you start to feel or observe the redness or itchy bumps on your skin. Apart from this, generally even in most of the cases hives can go away and vanish by some time without having any medical treatments. But in case, if you have serious hives like an increment or a harsh redness, then you need to call your doctor for medical treatment without any asking.

4. Moles

I don’t know how much of you are aware about this skin disease. Infect I’m sure that only a few are au fait about the mole diseases. Well, generally according to the research it has been diagnosed that normally people have 10 to 40 moles on their skin and the increment or like the growth of moles in different parts of your body has appeared time by time, this no of increment of moles end around the age of 40. But, what if someone has a mole which is quite different from a mole or like changing time by time in shape as well as in color too? This is a serious thing to think. Whenever you feel that you are having a mole on any part of your body skin which is changing day by day or timely whether it’s in shape, size or even color then you need to go for a medical checkup. Why? Because this type of mole can lead you towards the skin cancer so for the sake of prevention it is better to direct consult your professional health care doctor without having any single thought.

5. Impetigo

Well, impetigo is also a different kind of skin disease. Mostly it happens or finds it between the ages of 2-6. This disease starts to occur because of the bacteria. Like when the bacteria start to grow in your children’s skin. Usually the entrance or like the reason for this disease happens when you got any harsh cut, scratch, or even when insect bite.

In spite of this, the symptoms to observe this type of disease is when you see sores, redness on your or your baby skin, or even a pimple. Plus, the sores can be occurring on your legs, face, and even on your arms as well. Another thing is that the sores will fill with puss or like will break after a few days or turn into the big/ thick crust. But the good and side saving part of this skin disease is that you can treat this disease from antibiotics.

6. Melanoma

This is undoubtedly one of the severe and serious diseases. In other words, this is skin cancer. The most common symptom of this skin disease is that it has come up or like appears on your skin with a bunch of moles. As the symptoms of this life-threaten skin cancer is that it can appear on your skin in an asymmetry form, blur or irregular edges form, a spots or like a bunch of tans, brown, or black shades, and an increment of size as well. This disease is quite similar to moles disease. So make sure that whenever you feel anything related to this, then without any asking you need to call or visit your doctor at an early stage.

In the US this type of skin cancer is very common most of the times sun is becoming the reason for this disease. So, just for the sake of the prevention, try to save your skin from the exposure to the sun.

7. Psoriasis

This is another serious skin disease. This type of skin disease appears on the skin with a patches form. Sometimes the patches appear on a thick, swelling or like a sore form. Most of the times people feel itchiness while having this psoriasis. They are generally found on the knees, scalp, elbows, lower back, face, palms, soles/feet and even on legs as well. For this skin disease treatment commonly doctor examines a person small skin sample under the microscope. Apart from this, the treatment of these types of patches depends on the person condition. Like according to the type of Psoriasis doctors treat and prescribe any medication.

8. The bais dermatitis/ rashes

Rashes are the normal thing. We all face these rashes or like the weather affecting rashness. It can occur on anywhere mostly it appears on our face, knees, hands, and even on feet as well. But wait, do not take it so lightly, if you do not concern any good doctor, then you are putting yourself in danger. Most of the times, taking wrong medicine or like neglecting this leads you towards the severe or serious skin disease. Another reason is flares. So make sure that you do not just take good care of your skin but also avoid the flares for the prevention of rashes.

Rest on the other hand, also try to wash your face properly, use vibes while you are removing makeup. This is especially my advice for those who are having sensitive skin.

9. Skin cancer

As I mentioned it above that, few reasons or symptoms become the reason of skin cancer. But apart from this when you are facing the severe changes or like generally or habitual rashes, allergies or like moles on the neck, arms, hands, face, or even on the head then it’s like an alarming situation for you to concern your doctor.

Secondly, the two most types of skin cancer are also known as basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. So without any delaying or considering any rashes or allergies light make sure that you have a good and professional doctor.

10. Wrinkles

Well, this is quite common, but I don’t know how many of you are aware about the wrinkle disease. This is like a sort of disease which hasn’t any serious effect, but indeed it dulls and like make your skin old. If you take so much burden, tension, or stress then you are welcoming wrinkles on your skin at an early stage. Another thing is diet. You see there are people who are having a healthy diet and cross their 50’s age but still look young, fresh and have clear skin so simply the reason behind this is to take less stress and eats healthy food. Apart from this, many other branded creams are now available at stores who are offering the anti-aging or reduce wrinkles benefits so make sure that before utilizing those creams you have checked that are they approved from the food and drug administration or not.

Secondly, the sun and cigarette/smoking is also one of the major reason which not just make your skin dull, and dry but also increase the level of wrinkles, dryness and age spots on your skin.

So make sure that you have a check and balance on your diet as well.

Skin Diseases

Final words


Despite this, in a sum up way, there are also skin diseases like peeling off, warts, blisters, bumps, contagious skin diseases, chickenpox and etc. but the above-mentioned are the most common skin diseases.

I hope that by reading this article, you will find yourself aware enough where you cannot just identify your skin disease but before this take very good care of your skin and prevent it from any skin disease.

Rest for further details and to know about the other skin diseases types feel free to check these links.
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